So…what HAVE I been doing at home all day with a bunch of children?


Bible: Old Testament timeline

Copywork: Westminster Shorter Catechism, children catechism, cursive writing papers

Math- Calender, money, time, addition facts

Literature: Little House in the big woods unit study

Phonics: Websters Speller, Progressive phonics

Spelling/Writing: Write/dictate to mom a story using 5 spelling words

Vocab: Latin: Word a Day

Friday Coop: Social Studies, Art, PE, Puppets


Bible: Heidlburg catechism, listened to the Matthew-Acts

Math: Horizons workbooks, calender time

Phonics: same, Gracie is working in Pilgrim’s Progress Primer and read some of Tom Sawyer.

Literature: Poetry, the Odyssey

Copywork: Psalms

Writing/Spelling: same

Science: Nature Study, plant identification class online

Grammer: Journey through Grammerland.

Friday Coop: Science, Music, PE, Sewing


Summer plans:

Put away the workbooks. Fill up laundry baskets with books from the library and READ! Library fun days. Garden. Maybe some animal care. Work on organizing our storage areas. Move Emily into her new bedroom.


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