Gracie: A LOBSTER just came out of that pitcher and tried to get me!! (it was a pincher bug)

Gracie: Don’t throw out cardboard boxes! They are for the time machine!

Gracie: Mom, you are getting so big! I just love you! (remind me to let her know that it is not complementary when you say it to an adult unless they are very thin and pregnant)

Today we washed windows, played with water guns, copied Psalm 14, worked a little bit in our Math books, visited the library and watched the Drive Thru History episodes about Ancient Greece (available streaming on Netflix). They were good to watch, told a lot about the life of Paul, which ties into what we have listened to in Acts. Also explained a lot of the background to the Odyssey- which we just finished- all from a Christian worldview.  I’ll pretend I’d planned that all along.

More Kid Quotes:

Gracie: When Maggie finishes her book, we can have a MATH party. We could even bake a cake that says 10+3. That would be SO FUN! I’ll go make party hats in case she gets done today.

Gracie: So, Mom, explain to me how God could be before anything. He wasn’t born or created.  I just am having a hard time when I think about it.

Maggie: What part of the world do we live in? How does the sun shine on different parts? DO some places get more sun? Can we watch a movie about that?

Maggie: What keeps our body together? Is it our veins or our bones or our skin?

Baby Annie 002


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