My life is good, even easy at times. I get to see five amazing human beings become what they were fashioned to be. I get sticky smiles, hugs that smell like summer sunshine, and the shared confidences of young sinner/saints. I watch beautiful things grow.
I also wipe poop, clean out the refrigerator,wash a lot of dishes, wake up in the middle of the night to tend ear aches and bug bites, worry that I don’t do enough, and sometimes hide from my children.
I am not perfect. My house is never IMMACULATE. It is hard to catch some of my children with clean hands and face. Some weeks we do nothing especially fun or educational. Today I cleaned the fridge and watched a TV show while my stuffy nosed baby snuggled and nursed. The kids watched a show, and are now working on sorting out toys into their proper places. We may read or do a craft later. My neighbors are over building us a chicken coop. They are wonderful. I wish I could help, but I know squat about chicken coops and I have children to tend.
Sometimes in summertime, I long for my wilder missions trip days. I want to travel, to meet people, to know I am doing something that makes a difference. Sometimes I wish I could do more in my community, that I could be of some more usefulness. Sometimes I long to gather in the lost sheep in other pastures, to do WHATEVER it takes to compel them to come in.
But this is my pasture… this avocado smeared face, this phonics lesson, this lunch clean-up, this attitude to correct, this sleepover to plan. God can bring more sheep if He chooses, but I’ve got a line to hold here…in this pleasant place.


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