I’ve started and stopped this post numerous times. I wanted to write something about the things I’ve learned this past year. My goals for the next one. I have goals. I do. They’re just not all that important.

“Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness”. I want to do 5K thing. Finish the first draft of my novel. Eat healthy, lose weight. Blog. Be a better Mommy. All groovy, but in comparison- not all that important.

Prayer is important. Prayer changes things. Prayer changes me. The most incredible adventures I’ve ever been on started with prayer. Miracles I’ve seen- prayer. I remember a sweet time of prayer right before an evangelistic event. The hundreds that responded to the alter call were only a shockwave, an aftermath. God had already met with us in prayer.

I remember meeting with a couple of friends in the wee hours of the morning at EMU. We prayed for revival. We found it, but not quite the way we envisioned. We were revived, in fact, seeds were planted in those days that would leave our hearts burning in years to come. I remember the Sunday nights that tarried into Monday mornings. I’ve grown older and wiser since then, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as fervent. I miss that.

I want to pray more this year. I want to really change. Inside change. Not just rearrange the furniture.

You want revival? You want God’s kingdom to come in your heart, your family, your communities or your nation?

Pray with me. I dare you.


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