On my toes…

She’s eating an onion bulb. I decide not to intervene. She sticks the onion bulb in my mouth in an attempt to share.

Yesterday I took the kids on a co-op field trip to the Creamery in Mt Crawford. I would highly recommend it, though 1 year old Annie gave me a run for my money. “Cow says MOOO!!!” she emphatically declared every time she saw a cow. Oh- but here’s the thing. There are LOTs of cows at the Creamery. LOTS. The lady giving the tour had to contend with a constant litany of “COW goes MOOOO!!!” There were a few cats, so we got a few “CATS!!! Meow! Meow”- just for variety.

Allow me to pause for a moment…I see the onion, but no Annie. . . . .  . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the kitchen cabinets, causing the rice to rain down upon her. Much easier to clean up then cream of wheat, trust me. Also has taken one bite each out of two large onions. Maybe a stinky food deficiency? Judging by the contents of her diaper, I think not. Night Night Annie! Time for a nap.

Anyway, back to the Creamery. What a great tour! We even got to watch them milk. The end of the tour was a sit down learning time in the store. Surely I could control one small child for 20 minutes while a kind women  teaches a colorful and interesting lesson to a group of 1st-3rd graders. Ya think?

COW says MOO!!!! COW says MOO!!!! COW says MOO!!!! There are a LOT of cow images in the creamery store. A LOT. Trust me. So many things for a squirmy,active toddler to try to escape and touch. Or taste. Or comment on. COW says MOO!!!!

Towards the end of the presentation, I gave up and told the kids to head to the car. I would buy a copious amount of dairy products to make up for the level of disruption we tried not to cause. (If only they sold dairy products at church…never mind) I made a hasty retreat to the cash registers, passing several other eager customers on my way. Purchases rung up, but where O where has my credit card gone? O where, O where can it be? The other parents from the tour are waiting patiently in line behind me as I rifle through my purse and coat pockets. Receipts..check. Gate hinges…check. Stale animal crackers…check.  Hoof trimmers…check. No credit card. I did come up with a few singles, and a peso,  and was able to at lease purchase one item. I was only a few cents short…

(The credit card was in the pocket of my OTHER coat…I found it when I got home)

This is the life…


Two Homeschool Unit Studies and resources: Oceans and Video Games

I’m putting this up so that I can find it again, and in case some of my legwork finding theme activities is beneficial to someone else.

Each day of our theme week begins with a morning meeting that includes devotions, catechism, Latin review, and calender time.

Oceans Unit

Target age: PreK-3rd Grade

An exploration of the seven seas using hands on experiments, projects, and multimedia, and literature.

Day 1: Field Trip

Would have loved for this to be a trip to an aquarium, but time and budget dictated it be a trip to the Pet store and library instead. We loaded up on all the Juvenile Nonfiction related to the Ocean, as well as some children’s literature. We looked at the different kinds of fish at the Pet Store and picked up a Beta Fish. If we would have found the book “A Home for Hermit Crab”, we’d have gotten a hermit crab instead. Kids looked at and discussed the books we found on the ocean

Day 2: Oceans of the World

Movie: Window to the sea (Netflix)


The Little fish Who Cried Wolf

How will we get to the beach?

The sea and I

Science Experiments:

1) Sink or Swim: experiment with household objects. See which sink or float in water

2) Sink or Swim: add 1 cup salt to water. Did the results change? Why? Dicuss

3) Introduce Ocean Light Zones


World Map Puzzle. Name Oceans


O for Ocean coloring page


1) look at print of Hokusai “Great Wave” Briefly discuss tsunamis. Paint bubble wrap with blue finger paint. Use rolling pin to make a print of the painted bubble wrap on poster board. Save for rest of week

2) watercolor landscapes of ocean.


sorting sea glass (smooth glass stones from the craft store) group in 3’s, group in 6’s. Fill out a 3 and 6 multiplication fact grid


Listen to excerpt of Le Mer by Debussy

songs and fingerplays: “A sailor went to sea” and “A big ship sails”

Day 3 Coral Reefs


Mister Seahorse by Eric Carl


Animals that live in the Sea


The Living Sea


Observe external anatomy of Beta Fish. Fish anatomy worksheet

creatures of the Euphotic Zone


Add coral reef to poster board ocean with sponges and stickers

Fish Ex-ray cave paintings( brown paper and chalk)

Sand Art


Clown fish puzzle


Le Mer

1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive


Sea glass: group by 2’s and 5’s

Day 4 Dolphins Sharks and Whales


A sea of Sharks from A-Z

The Curious little Dolphin



Animal Planet: appropriate episodes

Some fish are mammals. Talk about mammals, traits.

Sharks are different than many other kinds of fish, cartiledge/not bone

fish classification worksheet

Math: group sea glass by 4’s and 8’s


Listen/Dance to some more of Le Mer


Mattise: using construction paper cutouts to make dolphins, shark, and whale to add to ocean scene

Day 5:  Strange creatures of the deep

Movie: Ted Talks: Oceans, particularly segments on bioluminescence

Finding Nemo

Ripleys Big,Weird and Dangerous Fish

Science: sort fish by their light zone (pics from enchanted learned web site) after sorting may color and glue pics were appropriate in their ocean

Use some pics to illustrate  a food chain


Play dough ocean floors

Invent a strange sea creature


Le mer


Sea glass: group in 7’s


review interesting facts learned this week


Video Game Design Unit (or Intro to programming and design)

age: junior high

goal use some interesting online resources to introduce logic, computer programming, programming language, graphic design and engineering


http://www.tinkercad.com- Computer Aided Design- has a free trial, but only available until the end of April

gamestarmechanic.com – get a big picture view of the concepts and logic behind game design

scratch.mit.edu is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. designed with kids in mind

http://www.alice.org a free 3D programming environment for high school-college- prevents syntax errors , teaches the basics of programming logic/language

http://www.ldraw.org/ – Lego draw, an introduction to Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) for kids. Build your lego creations on the computer and try them out before you build.

http://sketchup.google.com/ – Another free source CAD program. Build anything you can imagine using computer drafting skills.