Two Unit studies: Human Body and Murals

Human Body (4 Days)

We will begin our week at the library, loading up on all the books on the body that we can find. These will be accessible to look at throughout week.

target age pre-K-3rd grade

Day One: Fearfully and wonderfully made

Trace kids bodies on butcher paper. Trace one extra body to make an “Inside Out Guy” that we’ll work on throughout the week.

Kids may decorate their paper bodies. Have kids write traits about themselves.Talk about how God made each of us “knitted us together”. Introduce Heredity

Video Cilp

Make a family tree. Globe study: Talk about Adam and the area of the fertile crescent, how people spread over the earth. Find countries where our progenitors lived.

Discuss DNA

make DNA model using toothpicks and gumdrops

Math Probability- use 2 each of 2 different coloured gumdrops. How many different combinations can we make. Create a chart. Repeat with 3 and 4 different colours

PE:Kids Yoga Cards

Day 2 Teeth and Bones

Get out anatomy books. Look at skeletal system. Let kids glue various shaped pasta to black construction paper to make their own skeleton diagram.

Today we are going to add a skeleton to our “Inside Out Guy”

Send kids outside to collect sticks to use as bones

Song: Ba ba Bones

Do skeletal system worksheet from enchanted learning. Use sticks to make ulna, radias, tibia, fibia, rib cage, phalanges, tarsals. use play doah for joints and Add to” inside out guy” with postal tape

make a spinal column with paper rings and pipe cleaners

play this game

Math. We are born with over 300 bones! Lets count to 300! Count by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 25’s, 50’s, and 100’s.

Health: talk about keeping teeth healthy. Practice flossing and brushing.

Day 3 Body Systems

Watch Magic School Bus Gets eaten. Use milk jug, toilet paper rolls, paper tubes to make a digestive system

Watch Circulation Make a 4 chambered heart (cardboard). Add yarn veins to “Guy”

Make a lung add it to “Guy”

Day four: Senses and Muscles

Watch Magic School Flexes its Muscles  (on Netflix)

Lets exercise our muscles! Plan an Olympics.


Lifting heavy objects

Foot races



Dance Routines

Yoga Cards- points for good form

Senses Events:

1)see if you can identify hidden objects by touch, taste, smell

2) Listening game: who can correctly identify the most sounds with their eyes closed

3) Play I Spy

Math: Add up everyone’s Olympic scores and  award places

make a 5 senses book about things we touch, taste, smell, hear, and see


target age:jr high

We’ll start with some virtual tours of existing murals and a discussion of symbolism

Project: Line a living room wall with butcher paper. Spend the week creating a mural that deals with something important to you and incorporates symbolism.

Optional field trip: Look for murals around town. Really look at them. How does it make you feel? What do you think it means? What resonates with you? What physical attributes do you like/not like?



Winter. Sickness. Snow. Cabin fever. This has not been an easy season. Last week, we a little bit extra going on around here as well.

I was supposed to go out with some friends yesterday evening, but then life happened. Mom was sick. The baby was fussy. The kids were wild. Shane had to spend Saturday afternoon at the post office catching up on work. 

I started feeling sorry for myself. Tethered.  Wanting to escape. I had a long whine to my husband about it. 

Then we went dancing.

We bundled all the whiny, moody, muddled children in the car and crashed a VHE event where Civil War re-enactors were teaching Contra dancing. And it was fun. Really fun. (I have always found crashing events I don’t belong at to bring on unique adventures…highly recommend it )The kids left all tired out (except Millie, she found the people and the dancing quite electrifying and was still “not sleepy” late into the night…but that’s another story.).

Raising children is not easy. It’s exhausting. Sometimes I want to run away and hide. “But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed,” (Heb. 10:39). Sometimes the only way to move forward is to do a little sidestep.  We can’t give up…but we can dance.