“I DON’T WANT THAT!!”, my toddler shakes her head emphatically at her supper. We laugh.

My teenager has a similar response to a limit that I feel, as a responsible parent, I must set. It doesn’t seem as cute coming from her, but I recognize the sentiment.

I didn’t want kids to be sick this week…we had plans. I didn’t want to wake up early after being up all night with a sick baby, but that’s life.

I didn’t want to be without hot water for several days, waiting for a plumber and electrician to fit us into their schedule. We had company and I would have liked to impress with my clean children and house.

I didn’t want for us have to pay for a new chimney liner when we were saving for a kitchen remodel.

I didn’t want to hear any feedback from my husband about what he would have done differently after I’d spent a day organizing our oft neglected bedroom.

I, like my toddler, prefer lollipops and ice cream. I want the sweet parts and whine when I get what is necessary. My struggles are not nearly as difficult as what some of my loved ones are dealing with right now. Yet, the same truth speaks to us all:

There is more to life then what we can immediately see.  In our death, and in all our little deaths, we live. We are being conformed to the image of the Perfect Man .We take on new resurrection life. And when Christ, who is our life appears, we will be with Him, and know Him, and be like Him.

And then, we won’t care if it was green beans or lollipops. Newly laminated kitchen floor will seem a trifle, and plumbers just a silly dream we had before we woke.


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