How a Mom Washes Dishes…

Fill sink with hot soapy water.

Teen asks for batteries for the wii remote. The fact that there are none is apparently the last straw to a hot and bothersome day. Spend several minutes trying to offer perspective. Give up and return to dishes

Wash two plates. Notice baby emerge from storage room with a half eaten apple in one hand and a half eaten potato in the other. Follow baby baby back to storage room. Notice the rest of the potatoes, apples, and all the clean wash on the floor. “Help” baby clean up the mess. Get her involved in another activity in a room where it is hoped some older siblings will help watch.

Wash two more plates. Notice children wrestling in living room. Send baby in to Daddy and the rest outside to play until dishes are done.

Begin, once again to wash dishes.

“There’s a cat with a mayonnaise jar stuck on its head and we can’t get it off.”

Go outside for a half hour and look for the cat that is now terrified and hiding from helpful children. Vow to return to look for the cat after the kids go to bed.

See that the water in the sink has gotten cold. Refill sink with hot soapy water. Hear the baby scream. Find her dangling from the bathroom sink, and notice she is poopy. Change the baby. Wash hands. Return to dishes.

Repeat however many times it takes to get the dishes done 🙂