Plans? What Plans?

My plan for the day involved a movie, a sparkling clean house, and  newly canned tomato soup lining my cabinets. My reality for the day was runny noses, a not-so-clean house, canning jars stacked neatly in a closet for future use, and children sprawled about the living room.

We had intended to go to the movies to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman this morning, but the kids were somewhat snarfly and sleepy, so we had an at home day instead.  A  friend dropped off 100 canning jars, as was planned. I had great intentions of canning some soup today. However, reality struck again. I realized:  if I want to can, I need lids. To get lids, I must load 4  under the weather children into the car, and do several other errands since I am in town anyway. Thus, the large pot of tomato soup is becoming gulosh for the week. The kids love gulosh, and we could use the vitamin C.

My Mom (who lives with us) and Em (my teen) are both gone for the week. We miss them. It took me a minute to adjust to having less pairs of hands around. I had gotten used to my Mom spending time with the baby every morning and Em helping the girls brush and braid their hair. On the other hand,  It has been nice having time with just the little people, particularly in the evenings. I am getting less “done”, but maybe my time is better spent.

 We’ve been re-watching the kid’s favorite episodes of Dr. Who. We have been working with Annie on her potty training. Learning to milk goats. Trying to be more available for family and friends.  Worked on transitioning back into reasonable bedtime routines. I have been supervising the bedroom clean ups while I read to the kids from “The Silver Chair”. Not what was planned, but sweet, savory moments to remember.

…And I just remembered I was supposed to be at a baby shower tonight. It was planned. One of those errands was Target. But there is a small puddle on the floor and a bare bottomed child running around, a neighbor on her way over for a visit, so I guess we’ll do sweet reality instead and bring a gift to church Sunday.



Underhill Academy Fall 2014

It’s that time again. Time to plan another school year. Fall semester starts August 18th and will run until the week of Christmas.

Our day starts early. Every child is expected down for breakfast ready for the day, in proper clothing, with beds made, and animals cared for. Maggie will help me with the milking.

At 9am we have a  morning meeting. Students will be assigned a  verse to copy out in their neatest handwriting.  We will recite a weekly catechism question and work on a weekly psalm. I then read to the children  from the Bible (Prophets- Luke) and from our History book (Story of the World- Greeks). We are also researching subjects from various Dr. Who episodes appropriate to the time periods we are discussing. 

Emily will head to the computer for Math as she is using Teaching Textbooks: Algebra 1. Everyone else will  look at the calendar, sing some songs, and cover math concepts from the Saxon 1 curriculum (like skip counting and memorizing math facts), as well as a story a day from Life of Fred.

Younger children  will also work with me  on science/ cooking/geography. This fall we will be doing a Unit study on the Microscopic world two days a week, and working with various forms of measurement one day a week, and working on Geography and map skills one day a week.

During this time, older children work independently on language arts. We are using a computer program that helps them progress through core standards as they develop competency.

All children are sent outside  with their nature journals before lunch.

Older children break from math/language arts to work with me on reading aloud from the Webster’s Speller and spend a little bit of time on Latin vocabulary (Latin’s Not so Tough Level 1). Em is choosing to work on Spanish this year (Mango Languages through the library).  Older children will  spend a total of two hours  spent logged into Math and Language Arts subjects areas per day, and may continue working until the proper time is logged.  There will be weekly writing assignments graded according to a  rubric.

Younger children will  read to me from their phonics readers and spend some time answering reading comprehension questions.

Everyone is to spend 30 minutes- 1 hour daily reading or looking at books of their choosing.

Children will all spend the late afternoon participating in household chores and meal preparation

Nightly bedtime reading will include : The Silver Chair, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Stories from Shakespeare, Stories from Dickens, White Fang, Heidi, and stories of famous Americans from the Childcraft books.

On Fridays, we attend Creative Kids Co-op. Emily will be going early for a weekly science class with reading assignments and homework to be completed through the week. One of Gracie’s classes for the fall will be “the Human Body”. All the kids will have Art and PE.

Em will continue with weekly art lessons and Gracie with piano lessons.