Life Now and Further Up and Further In

I deleted my other blog, worried that so much time spent introspecting was a huge distraction from this wild adventure called life. This is an old blog. My first blog, a chronicle of Mommy adventures.

So, Life Now is welcoming a twelve year old daughter into our family last Friday. Sick kids. Answered prayers. Joy in seeing a small but mighty country church minister to children. Lesson planning. Ordering schoolbooks. Getting ready to start back to school myself.

Right now we are working on routines, and readjusting to what life is going to look like with another family member. We are also trying to aptly love a little human being who carries with them heartaches and memories and trauma. Today, life is kids curled up on the couch on a rainy day,board games scattered on the floor and a movie playing, with dancing hopes of riding bikes at the park when the weather clears up.

This Wild place is a place of abundance, and even Rest. If I flake on you sometime in the coming year, or you don’t see or hear from me for weeks at a time, I have been overtaken by blessing! When you see me, just give me a high five and catch me up on what’s been going on in your life, because I’ll probably feel really bad that I don’t already know.

Feel free to stop by, brave the chaos, and stay for a real cuppa and a real conversation.

Signing off for a while,


Today in the Life

Had a slow morning. Right now I am listening to Emily read a Zoology lesson to the girls. We’ve done Bible time, and I’ve helped Emmy with her Shorter Catechism questions for confirmation class. Gracie may still be working on writing out a Bible verse from Isaiah that went with the “true God/true man” question from the Heidelberg. I’ll have to make sure she gets her math done.
I haven’t done spelling with the girls yet. Or had my own devotion time. I haven’t taken my vitamins or written my 1000 words for the day. A stack of dishes is calling me from the kitchen. I’m a little worried about the low temperatures (-20 with wind chill) called for tomorrow night and am trying to figure out how to help our chickens and goats stay warm. I’ve got a lot on the list and need to get moving.
For a moment though, I’ll savor my coffee and the warmth of the stove. I’ll listen to EM read. I’ll hold a child. The kids have eaten, the house is warm. What is important is being accomplished.